Project Handling

We offer logistical support, coordination and supervision of your Project Cargo On many occasions, with the help of our counterparts we have moved medium and oversized project cargo for our clients.

We are able to provide any kind of logistics solutions in coordination with specialized sub contractors.

Out of Gauge:  Shipping and handling of oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. Our expert team has the experience and tools to transport your most challenging cargo, even when it’s too large to fit within a standard shipping container’s length, width or height. Worrying about the safety and on time delivery of your cargo will be the last thing on your mind with our out of gauge shipping solutions.

Heavy Lift: When you have large items that can’t be broken down into smaller, lighter-weight segments, We will come up with a transport solution. We even have experience moving products that are too heavy to transport on roads.

Break Bulk: Due to their large size or weight, some goods need to be loaded onto a cargo ship or aircraft individually rather than grouped in shipping containers. This obviously makes loading and unloading the equipment more labor-intensive and potentially more costly. However, we can come up with an efficient and cost-effective break bulk shipping method. We can help you determine when this is a better choice than disassembling, packaging, and reassembling your cargo when it reaches its destination.

Flat Racks & Open Tops: When necessary, we will load your cargo into flat rack or open top containers. In some cases, we may shrink-wrap the cargo or add an additional layer of protection so that it reaches its destination with no damaged or missing parts.

Import & Export: If you need to transport your cargo internationally, you can count on us to work out the logistics, including the customs clearance requirements, and to get your heavy haul products to their destination on time.

Inland, Port Works, Ocean Freight, & Air Freight Forwarding: Through our strong professional relationships with major airlines and shipping lines, We are able to get your project cargo where it needs to go using whatever method of transportation necessary.